Buried within brightly-coloured walls of green, purple and orange, a hard-working machine fueled by untrained banter, creative thinking and everything unconventional comes our laser-focused team that is better known as EventSimple.

Surrounded by motivated individuals, out-of-the-box thinkers, and the odd furry-friend or two, our vibrant working environment is a clear giveaway to our authentic approach to business.

There is a magic ingredient or secret weapon to which we use that keeps our business going round and our people motivated, connected and inspired – and that is through simple, yet effective ways of communication.  

We appreciate that every business and culture is different. However, if you’re looking for fresh, exciting or stimulating new ways to connect with your people, then take a glance at how we use the power of communication in our business.


1. Two-Way Communication

It takes two to tango, so why should that be any different when it comes to communication? In our experience, we have noticed that engaging communication is very much a two-way operation. By actively practising two-way communication you will notice a direct link to your company’s success.

So what exactly does that mean? Well, when it comes to EventSimple, instead of approaching our clients from a one-way point of view such as, “Here is what you’re going to do for 3 days in the Bahamas.” We break down that barrier and offer a greater opportunity for connection, with a two-way approach. 

We keep it simple, yet revolutionary – by gathering the potential winners and attendees and asking them “What would you like to do for 3 days in the Bahamas? How can we mutually craft an experience that engages and excites you?” 

Spoon feeding encounters to audiences is just so yesterday. Addressing topics and issues from a two-way communication stand-point creates a better space for all parties to feel as though they have a purpose, and that, that purpose is valued.


2. Positive & Frequent Communication

Consistency in communication is key, and a dose of positivity is necessary. The best way to keep your people motivated, connected and inspired is through positive and frequent communication. 

Most businesses make the mistake of communicating regarding their incentives and meetings a maximum of 3 to 5 times. Yes, the experience may be somewhere between 3 and 7 days but the opportunity to communicate and motivate is actually a 365-day continuum.  

A recent report from bluesource, outlines 20 astonishing stats in business communications, one of which states that “Productivity improves by up to 25% in organizations with connected employees.” Without a consistent communication approach and positivity leading the way, it is far more challenging to truly connect with your people and fully work together to make the difference you want to make.


3. Get Real

Let’s get real, it’s time to cut the fluff. Too often in business communications, the big, fancy and fluffy words or paragraphs are favoured. But are they really necessary? Communication should be kept simple, straight-forward, to the point and above all, real

Making communication real and relevant to the receiver has a far greater chance of resonating and creating an impact than communication that is too focused on a specific standard of style.


4. Humour Rocks Communication

Never underestimate the power of a good-hearted chuckle. Here at EventSimple, we find that the most effective way to keep our people engaged is through inserting bursts of humour, wherever necessary. Communication should be fun and packed with real energy and excitement – plus, your mental and physical health certainly benefit from a few laughs as well. 

Humour rocks how we communicate, and as a result, we are given the freedom to push boundaries and connect with like-minded individuals or groups. Humour keeps a business honest, real, relatable, trustworthy and open to building deeper and longer-lasting connections.


5. Crafting Communication To The Receivers Appetite

Does your company have a common goal of growth? Bringing your people together and reminding them of what that goal is keeps all communications and interactions alive and well. By crafting communication to the receivers appetite, everyone can work freely on the same page and towards a common goal. 


Are you interested in rewarding your people and harnessing the simple power of bringing people together? Get in touch with our team of incentive program travel specialists today. We look forward to chatting with you and sculpting an experience that rewards your people and business.


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